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Perry began singing solos at the age of 3. He has taught and sung professionally for more than 40 years. His teaching experience includes the building of high school choral music programs and church music programs, and he has recently retired from teaching voice at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California. Perry graduated in music from Chapman University and holds a Master's Degree from the University of Southern California. His solo experience covers a wide range of musical styles, from doing the Celebrant's part in Leonard Bernstein's “Mass” to singing barbershop harmony at Disneyland (www.dapperdans.com).

Perry is comfortable with all styles of music, is proficient at the piano and accompanies his students. Perry also sees great value in the use of pre-recorded “karaoke” accompaniments. While he knows and understands the science of the voice, Perry uses a natural approach to singing that is built on the idea that singing is an imaginative, “mental” process and can be physically effortless.

Perry believes that singing is a most fundamental and profound means of human expression, the birthright of all of us. The cornerstone of his teaching is to support the student in such a way that this deepest means of expression is not buried under mountains of criticism and negativity. His method of Positive Reflection encourages singers to feel safe and allow their voices to emerge into the fullness of what they already are.