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VOCALiNSPIRATIONS is dedicated to the principle that music is an avenue to the divine in human life. Music inspires us because it is the closest of the arts to pure Spirit. I am dedicated to the revelation that music can bring of that which is spiritual and mystical. This is not about religion. It is about that Unity which gives rise to all religions, the Source of all of them. Music can put us in direct touch with that Source and its transformative power. We might ask ourselves why it is that all special events, secular and sacred, always include music. Would it not be unthinkable to proceed with a ceremony or celebration without music? Is it not music that takes us beyond the mundane and reminds us of the divine spark that lies within even the most secular and profane?

How is VOCALiNSPIRATIONS different?
I don't have an “attitude.” In fact, I try very hard to overcome the perception many have that musicians and music teachers are elitist,hyper-critical, and impatient with those of “average” talent. That perception is still held my many and for good reason. I'm doing my best to change it.

Music may be one of your special gifts. If so, VOCALiNSPIRATIONS would love to be your partner in developing it. But fewer than 5% of the population has that kind of gift for music and, perhaps more importantly, realize it. What about the rest?

Taking music lessons is not just for the gifted or the ones that may become professionals. Very often those people who have a lot of talent never know it. And what is the point anyway? Do we have to sing like Celine Dion or Luciano Pavarotti in order to feel justified in pursuing the study of singing? Do we have to be a virtuosos in order to be able to sing for our own satisfaction, express our soul's impulse?

Since when has expressing of your soul's feelings through your singing become an olympic event? Since when is the value of your singing determined by someone else's arbitrary standards? How has our singing become thwarted by comparison and judgment? The answers to those questions lie in our history. Those attitudes came into being for a reason. My goal is not to change any of that. It's perfect just the way it is. My goal is to set up a different game with new rules; a game where everyone wins.

I think that singing is as fundamental to human experience as breathing. Who judges how someone breathes? The impulse to express ourselves through music comes from the same place as the breath. Call it Spirit, call it Chi or Ki, call it God, Atman, Brahman, Jesus, Mohammed, the Holy Sprit or whatever. That does not matter. What matters is that we sing and enjoy singing in an atmosphere of loving support. When we judge a person's voice we judge the person. Having been judged we decide we are not acceptable and then we set out creating a false identity. That identity has a voice, too, but it is false or incomplete. Our true, authentic voice is lost. When our authentic voice is lost so is the person and his power to be himself and matter to himself.

That's what VOCALiNSPIRATIONS is all about. It is my mission to be your partner in the development of your authentic voice. If you lost it somewhere along the way, I can help you find it. Consider me as a midwife to that process. If you are just beginning to pursue the evolution of your true voice or you are a parent who is supporting a child in this process, I am here for you.

Your growth is my joy and my purpose.